Adolfo Domínguez Footwear Collection
Women Fall/Winter 2012

Linea U
This collection is part of my work at the Spanish fashion house Adolfo Domínguez during the Summer of 2011. These shoes are part of Linea U, the young line of apparel and accessories of the company. The collection was designed based in a limited number of last, material and colors. After an exhaustive trend analysis of several brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Louis Vuitton, among others, the team established a few categories of shoes to be created like medium heel loafers, high heel and platform shoes and wedges. All illustrations where done in Photoshop using scanned images and photographs of leather samples from the Linea U library to be as close as possible to the real look of the finished product.
 A rendition of the male loafer with a medium high heel and color top line
 Colorway - The idea is to add an unexpected element by using bright colored details in a traditional looking shoe
 This was a quick render to test how the shoe would look like with a square heel, a signature of Linea U footwear
A high heel model following the loafer concept. This time on a wooden last that has been used successfully by the company in earlier collections. I include an over sized strap that goes around and under the bridge of the shoe. Chocolate buffalo leather.
 Colorway - Buffalo leather and light and dark wooden last
 Suede upper option
 This is a minimal and elegant  platform and square high heeled shoe. Buffalo and Nappa leather
 Colorway - The wooden last can be left visible or covered with Nappa leather
 A variation of the former model with sheepskin lining
Two halved high heel. I decided to create a contrasted design in color, material and shape by having the upper pad with the closure surrounding the ankle and the bridge of the show. Buffalo, Nappa and suede leather.
 A playful wedge pump with peep holes on the side of the shoe. I covered the wooden last in certain parts for contrast. This model has Nappa leather upper in bright colors.
Another wedge model using the same concept of wrap around band seen in former models. The upper is made of Nappa leather and the band of wool fabric or suede.
This shoe exposes completely the wooden last and is meant to be complimented by the material/color of socks or stocking the person wears.
The last model of the collection is a hidden platform sling back banana heel pump. Nappa leather upper and natural horn heel.
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