Apparel Graphics Concept
Origami has been for many years one of my favorite subjects and recently I received a wonderful gift, a book about kimono prints and propaganda. I decided to use those two sources as my inspiration for ORIMONO print project. I’m also fascinated by the Japanese culture duality about tradition and modernism. You can see people in the streets wearing classical kimono surrounded by the most advanced electronics and the latest fashion trend bright colored pieces. They know how to blend these two characteristics gracefully. The palette for this project comes from simple origami paper which is normally printed in primary colors and kimono prints which have the most beautiful delicate yet lavish gradations and color combinations.
 Inspirational Board
Sketches - Origami symbology
Sketches - Kimono print and shapes
Another part of the sketching process was to fold different shapes in regular white paper and scan them directly
Print 1 Colorway - The first pattern I created is based in Origami symbology. I wanted to present an overall sense of lightness. You can see a free flow of Origami shapes and arrows; pieces of paper that seem flying in a gentle breeze. The pattern features primary and secondary colors on a subtle light blue graded background. This pattern is so clean and graphic that works perfectly for customized shoes.
Print 2 Colorway - This design is inspired in kimonos with prints of landscapes and flowing patterns. The abstract Origami pieces repeats and overlay in a dynamic yet harmonious combination. The module is one of the scanned paper pieces with graded fill. Rich and deep colors are combined with light shadows on a white background.
Colorway 2
Colorway 3
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