Clarks Men Footwear Concept
Footwear concepts for Clarks
The models in the following images represent my own ideas on men footwear design and trends, and even if they are inspired by Clarks shoes they don’t necessary follow the company’s design strategy.
Blue Bold Oxford - Inspired in the Bernese model I created this variation without the toe cap and the double stitch line. An elegant oxford with a rich deep blue color and a white stripe in a thin leather sole.
Goya Color Oxford - In this case I took the existing model Goya Row, added another panel on the side to continue the style line that comes from the quarter and change the sole to give a serious yet vibrant identity to the shoe. The image was created using Photoshop.
Pick a Color - In this board I convey the idea of an urban shoe that is stylish but not afraid of being “forward” thanks to its rich color sole. A simple but strong accent.
What Color? - This board presents the idea of a multi-color personality, a shoe that give you options.
Driver Moccasin - The Un Keeper model was the starting point for this driver moccasin concept. I changed the profile of the shoe, put it on a padded sole and added color accents around the top line and the tongue.
You can go anywhere - This board represents the concept behind this model. With a pair of Clarks shoes you can go  anywhere, the road is open to explore, travel, visit new places and connect with people. This is a comfortable but sophisticated shoe.
I took the iconic Desert Boot and added a subtle emboss of three different patterns all of them created using  the letter C of the Clarks logo as module.
 Desert Pattern 1 - Illustrator
Desert Boot with embossed Pattern 1 - Photoshop
Desert Pattern 2 - Illustrator
Desert Boot with embossed Pattern 2 - Photoshop
Desert  Pattern 3 - Illustrator
Desert Boot with embossed Pattern 3 - Photoshop
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