Cut & Paste
3D Shoe Editing
An altered pair of Puma Speeder. Design challenge? To modify the shoes without removing or adding any pieces.
The original shoes
I removed all the nylon fabric parts from the upper, including the tongue
The removed parts being reorganized
This is the most important result, after hours of trying new configurations I created this new piece to change the profile of the shoe and make it into a hi rise model.
The final result
The back part of the shoe is not exactly ergonomic but for the purpose of the exercise the tongue worked very well. I wanted to create a dramatic change, a different profile while gaining as much height as possible.
The two pieces removed here...
Are now here
I also reconfigured the lace, the knot is now at the bottom.
This little piece was displaced just a few inches towards the back.
Mercurial wings
I kept the continuity of lines as much as I could, the whole top of the shoe, and its "hole", follow existing style lines in the shoe.
Cut & Paste Puma Speeder
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