Reebok Footwear Concept
CABUYA is a project inspired in the colorful celebrations of Colombian carnivals, where people gather and dance in the streets wearing traditional customs to celebrate religious and historical events. A staple piece of footwear in these celebrations is the humble “alpargata”, a simple country side shoe made mostly with a natural fiber called fique from a plant of the Aloe family, this same fiber is used to do burlap and a very strong raw cord named CABUYA. I’m also inspired by the exuberant vegetation and the vivid colors of Colombian flowers, textiles and old cities, as well as, by the beautiful blue hues of its oceans and sky.
Inspirational Board
Sketchs 2 - Volume Studies
Sketchs - Sole
The most important characteristic of this shoe is the way it holds to foot and ankle through several plastic and very elastic elements, the logo band, that goes around behind the ankle, a mesh structure, and finally, a loop in the mid rise model.

This shoe is composed by few elements; sole, two part upper (vamp and quarter), an insole, plus the three elastic parts mentioned before. All parts are glued together and there is no need of stitching other than in the upper lining.
Colorway 1 - Espadrille
Colorway 2 - Low and Mid Rise
Colorway 3 - Mid Rise Model
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