A collection of textile patterns inspired in architecture, fruits, and calligraphy.
Textile design is a fascinating area where graphic design principles can be combined with fashion design. The first three patterns below were created by combining different hand made drawings or motives inspired by the house of Bauhaus founder, the Architect Walter Gropius in Lincoln, Massachusetts.
Free hand motifs - Pencil, marker, and ink on paper
The motifs were scanned and manipulated using Photoshop to create seamless patterns. Each design bears a specific feel or atmosphere even though they all come from the same source of inspiration.
 Stairs and Strokes - This design is based on sketches from the different stairs in the house.
Trees and Grids - This pattern has a warm feeling and was inspired in the many trees and plants inside and outside the house.
Blocks & Lines - This pattern was created to radiate coolness, the motives in it are inspired in the volume of the building.
Mood Board/Digital Collage - A board that combines all the elements that are part of the Gropius House inspired pattern set. The image contains my own photographs of the house plus hand drawn motives and historic images of the Bauhaus.
The following images are from a set of patterns with a more experimental and loose design approach. My inspiration were fruits and calligraphy. I created many motifs by writing with a very loose hand, trying to convey the idea of foreign language text. I also cut and scanned, directly on the scanner, Strawberries, Plums, Apricots, Peppers and Tomatoes.
La Fragola - This pattern is warm, dark, and sensual. I used strawberries and peppers blended with layers of text and erotic illustrations.
Ciruelas - This pattern is very fresh and luminous. A colorful rain of Plums and Apricots is falling from a blue sky with Middle East inspired text.
The last piece of this set is called Golden Sun and it is inspired in traditional Japanese art and calligraphy.
Mood Board/Digital Collage - A board with inspirational images plus my own motifs for the set of fruits and calligraphy inspired patterns.
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